Home Theater and Media Room Speaker Options

Sky Vision makes sure every system we install fits in seamlessly with your home’s existing décor. Speakers are placed inconspicuously in ceilings, walls, custom cabinetry or on bookshelves. We even install completely invisible speaker systems for those focused on maintaining existing aesthetics.


In-Ceiling Speakers
Mounting speakers in your home’s ceiling/walls allows you to free up floor space by eliminating unsightly floor-standing speakers and diminishing visual impact. These speakers work great as part of a surround sound system in media rooms.


Free-Standing Speakers
For the highest audio level, another great option for home theater and media room systems are tower and on-stand speakers. These speakers come in a variety of finishes and sizes to fit your room perfectly.


In-Cabinet Speakers
Ideal for media room applications, Sky Vision can also install speakers in custom-built media cabinet or bookshelf systems. These speakers are typically paired with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers to handle rear channel audio in a media room or home theater system.


Wall-Mounted Speakers
Depending on your video display, on-wall speakers may be an excellent option to accent the clean look of the wall mounted television. On-wall speakers provide excellent sound quality with a variety of style choices.